The Everlasting Now Sara Harrell Banks


Published: April 11th 2010

176 pages


The Everlasting Now  by  Sara Harrell Banks

The Everlasting Now by Sara Harrell Banks
April 11th 2010 | | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 176 pages | ISBN: | 8.24 Mb

This book, The Everlasting Now did not capture my attention nor stimulate my senses quite like I had hoped-but I believe this is because I am a female. It was very good, however, I think it would be much better well suited for young boys who could relate to the 11-year-old protagonist Brother. I believe that this book should be recommended to young boys who normally struggle with historical fiction because as Brother narrates, his story meanders through the life of a typical boy. Allowing young boys to jump into the shoes of the narrator would likely help them take in the sentiments of the time more easily.

The book did a nice job of really pointing out the realities of segregation and discrimination at the time towards Blacks and as Brother becomes educated and enlightened about the times, so does the young reader. Sara Banks uses very vivid language that I believe makes her description of the times very believable. I would also use this book as a book club book for my middle schoolers. I think the boys and children with a culturally diverse backgroud would identify with this book more than Poor Is Just A Starting Place.

I would have them think about questions related to segregation, differences, privilege and how society is different and the same today.

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