The Game (Power Play Book 3) Jodi Wilde



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The Game (Power Play Book 3)  by  Jodi Wilde

The Game (Power Play Book 3) by Jodi Wilde
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Joel strolled off down the street, leaving Trish to wink coyly at the bouncers as she slid between them and into the club. The air inside was warm and hazy, smelling of sweat and beer and old cigarettes. Music boomed, just on the verge of too loud, and laser lights slashed through the darkness in time with the beat. In the center of the room, a DJ on a raised platform had the air of a puppeteer, a satisfied smirk on his face as his puppets jerked and whirled and bounced with every twitch of his fingers.Trish pushed through the crowd and found her way to the bar.

She leant on it casually, flicking her hair back in one practiced motion, and started counting. This was part of the competition. She had worn her red dress especially - short, figure hugging, and totally inappropriate in any sort of polite company.Buy you a drink? asked the stranger.This was how The Game always started - their personalized take on the classic spice-up-your-marriage routine so beloved of decades of relationship books. But tonight is somehow different. Tonight, the boundaries between the Game and reality start to blur - and things will change forever.This story is part of the Power Play collection - short stories of erotic power exchange games involving submission and dominance, cuckolding, and other explorations of unconventional sex and relationships.

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